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Astuces de composition

  • Les lignes et les paragraphes sont reconnus automatiquement. Les balises <br /> saut de ligne, <p> paragraphe et </p> fin de paragraphe sont insérées automatiquement.Si les paragraphes ne sont pas reconnus ajoutez simplement quelques lignes vides.
  • The Views module allows administrators to create dynamic lists of content for display in pages or blocks. It is also possible to insert those lists into existing node bodies, but such inclusion requires that PHP filtering be turned on. This module allows any user to insert view listings using tag syntax, without the need for PHP execution permissions.

    [view:my view]
    will be replaced by the full listing of content defined by that view.
    [view:my view=10]
    will limit the listing to 10 items.
  • Les adresses de pages web et de messagerie électronique sont transformées en liens automatiquement.
  • Glossary terms will be automatically marked with links to their descriptions
  • Acidfree inline tags
  • It is possible to change the way the [acidfree:nnn] tags look by adding a few name/value pairs. Note that any value that has spaces in it must be quoted either with single quotes ' or with double quotes ". Currently, the choices are:
    • title: use this string as the caption (Note that you can have the node title be the default caption by modifying the setting in admin/settings/acidfree)
    • align: {left,right}
    • size: {M, WxH} where M=max dimension and WxH=WidthxHeight
    • link: 'none' or relative or absolute url e.g. or node/59. If set to none, thumbnail will not be a link
    • popup: any value. If set, it will cause the link to be a popup link
    • style: CSS style information for the image
    • class: additional class for the image
    • [acidfree:1234 size=300 align=right] - right aligned thumbnail of node 1234 with max dimension of 300 pixels
    • [acidfree:4321] - left aligned thumbnail of node 4321 (default thumbnail size)
    • [acidfree:3241 align=left size=320x240] - right aligned thumbnail of node 3241 with size = 320x240
    • [acidfree:3241 title='This is a different title' size=320 popup=true link="http://mysite.dom/"] - left aligned thumbnail of node 3241 with a title set, size = 320x240, link pointing to mysite.dom and target=blank_ set in the anchor
    • [acidfree:3241 link=none class='my-image your-image' style="border: 2 px grey inset;"] - left aligned thumbnail of 3241, default size, class set and new style info

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